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Just Real Food Nutrients!

Why are RevitaHealth® Real Food Nutrients
So Beneficial?

Your body was designed to get its nutrition from the green plant. Whether you eat the plant directly or the animal that eats the plant, the starting point is always the green plant.

Inorganic means that something does not come from a living thing. Inorganic substances are substances such as minerals, stone, and metals.

Plants take non living things like minerals and metals in the soil or ocean and convert them into living things through their natural life process.

The difference is simple:

A nail has an inorganic form of iron that your body can’t use (you certainly wouldn’t eat a nail);

A raspberry has an organic form of iron that you can eat and your body can recognize that iron and use it.

The problem with today's food supply is that farmland soil is depleted of minerals and most of the food we eat is highly processed. The more you heat and process food, the more enzymes, vitamins and minerals are lost.

Thus, it's virtually impossible to get all the nutrition you need from today's food supply. It is very clear that we need to take nutritional supplements in today's modern world.

The Problem With Most Nutritional Supplements

Vitamin supplements, even the natural ones, contain isolated chemical USP vitamins and minerals. They are produced synthetically in chemical plants in ways that keep them stable, and the minerals come from mining companies.

Your body has a hard time recognizing isolated USP vitamins and minerals, because they are not like the nutrients in food. It is well documented that the absorption and utilization rate (bio-availability) of isolated vitamins and minerals is extremely poor.

Nutrients found in food are in a form that is recognized by the body, and the body uses them for nourishment. These complex nutrients are part of a matrix which contains proteins, carbohydrates, lipids (fats), bioflavonoids and other food factors.

How RevitaHealth® Real Food Nutrients
Are Made

RevitaHealth® Real Food vitamins and minerals are produced using proprietary processes.

RevitaHealth® Minerals (and Vitamin D) are produced by feeding minerals to live yeast organisms or live lactobacillus cultures (the kind of nutritional yeast which is used to make bread or the kind of lactobacillus cultures which are used to make yogurt).

This is the same process performed by all plants where they take up minerals from the soil through their roots. Once the minerals enter the plant cells they become part of the living structure and are turned into food. It is in this form that minerals can be more effectively absorbed and utilized in our bodies.

RevitaHealth® Vitamins are produced by taking USP vitamins in liquid form and then weaving them together on a molecular level with the appropriate protein components.

Then they are integrated into a vegetable, fruit or yeast concentrate that has a natural relationship with that vitamin.

For example: B Vitamins are in yeast concentrate, Vitamin C is in citrus concentrate, Vitamin A is in carrot concentrate, etc.

Understanding the RevitaHealth®
Delivery System

A vital aspect behind the technology used to create RevitaHealth® Real Food vitamins and minerals is the way the nutrients are transported into and within the body.

The Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1999 was awarded to a scientist for proving that there is a systematic process the body uses to transport nutrients directly to the cells. This same transport system is used with RevitaHealth® nutrients.

Isolated USP vitamins and minerals may be partially absorbed, but when they enter the blood stream there is no mechanism to guide their delivery.

The body has a harder time recognizing them as food. So, they float around and are either deposited in the wrong places, which can cause serious problems, or they are flushed out of the body through the urine.

RevitaHealth® Real Food nutrients, on the other hand, are guided by the proteins contained within the food matrix itself, to the cells that need the nutrients.

What is the RevitaHealth® Difference?

RevitaHealth® Real Food nutrients function as concentrated foods to nourish every cell in your body. We all know that it would be best to receive the nutrients we need from the food we eat. However, in our modern world this has become impractical and just about impossible.

The human body is designed to utilize nutrients from plants. The closer to the plant source in the food chain, the greater benefit in terms of nutrient utility.

When a person eats a plant or part of a plant for nourishment, the nutrients, including vitamins and minerals are integrated or imbedded to proteins, carbohydrates and lipids in a complex food matrix. The nutrients, because they are in a food matrix, are highly bioavailable to the body and this results in a higher rate of utilization.

RevitaHealth® Real Food nutrients are a unique new generation of vitamins and minerals integrated on a molecular level to the basic building blocks of life; proteins and other food factors.

Numerous studies have shown that when vitamins and minerals are in a natural form, as they are found in natural foods, they are utilized more effectively by the body. That's why RevitaHealth® nutrients are better.

The RevitaHealth® difference is not just about quantity, but about quality.

Health is created by nutrition.


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